Mobile Patrolling Services

Mobile Patrolling Services

Westech has introduced a unique concept of Night Patrolling services which shall cover a defined area of commercial buildings, Construction sites, Industrial Area, residencies, showrooms, retail outlets etc. Our service includes regular site checks, physical inspections and alarm response to make sure your property, inventory and equipment are safe and secure.

  • Our patrolling officers shall visit each of these points every 3 hrs in a night.
  • Patrolling from 2200 hrs to 0600 hrs
  • A thorough check of premises during the shift
  • Checks on the client’s existing security personnel, if deployed.
  • Checks to ensure that the premises are properly locked & safe.
  • Ensure that no untoward activity is taking place on the premises.
  • Immediate response to an incident.
  • Line and radio communication links.

How we Benefit you

  • Preventing and discouraging crime from occurring
  • Improve the level of security and compliance with the security protocols laid down in the company’s policy.
  • Increasing the safety aspect of a set-up for customers, business partners and employees.
  • Taking friendly action in case of a security threat.
  • Best possible service for the lowest possible cost.

Our Mobile Patrol supervisor will provide a detailed and accurate report of all site checks which will include photographs of any security violations that have been discovered.

During the patrolling rounds, in case patrolling officer come across any of the following situations, he will immediately inform the concerned person and our 24 hours control room.

The control centre will immediately inform the client for any of the following incidences which have been taken place at their premises.

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Tampering with locks
  • Any suspicious looking vehicle
  • Any suspicious movement near the location
  • Any unusual sounds or lights
  • Any person found on the premises whose presence is suspected
  • Immediate response to any other kind of emergency.